Changes to Dr. Kip's Office Structure

Daily appointments will now be arranged as follows:

Regular appointments: will continue as before. These appointments are 10 minutes in length and are to address issues which require a little more time. The appointment would cover concerns such as unexplained pain, musculoskeletal injuries, and illness of unknown origin. Please note that more time allows Dr. Kip to deal with your problem more effectively. The purpose is not to deal with numerous concerns.

Other appointments: such as complete physicals, pap tests, excisions, and driver medicals all fall into this category and time is allotted depending on the type of appointment scheduled. Please note that it is extremely important to book the type of appointment you require in order to avoid the risk of us having to reschedule your visit.

Chronic care: include diabetes, heart failure, emphysema, depression, and anxiety. These appointments require more regular follow-up. The staff will schedule these appointments for you and book the necessary time required to review your progress, test results, and medications.

With the institution of these changes, we are hoping to better accommodate more of our patients and as a result we would ask that if at all possible, you do not use the walk-in-clinics. We will now be able to fit you in if at all possible, even on short notice.

We are confident that these changes will lead to better continuity of care and allow the acutely ill patients to be seen immediately. At the same, the routine follow-up of all our other patients will not be compromised.